Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot

Location: Asia Society & Museum, New York 
Date: September 2014
Curator: Michelle Yun
Graphic Design Services Provided: Title Lock-ups, Exhibition signage, Label design, Photo reproduction, Production management


The television signal test images seen in many of Paik's works were explored as ground colors for the exhibition signage. These television signal colors were utilized in indicating a section transition as well as add color to the otherwise white color scheme. Visual interpretations of “transmissions” and “projections” were explored when designing walls and color blocking as well. Instead of applied panels, we masked and painted both the ground color blocks as well as the black and metallic text. 

Large photo reproductions of the works original installations were created on vinyl and transparent scrim to be used as a visual reference as well as add to the overall design of the exhibit.  

Photo Credit: Eileen Costa