Buddhist Art of Myanmar   

Location:  Asia Society & Museum, New York
Date: February 2015
Curators: Sylvia Fraser-Lu, Donald Stadtner and Adriana Proser, John H. Foster Senior Curator for Traditional Asian Art
Services Provided: Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Fabrication Drawings, Lighting Design


Excerpts from Asia Society Press Release:

“Asia Society Museum presents a landmark exhibition of spectacular works of art from collections in Myanmar and the United States. Buddhist Art of Myanmar comprises approximately 70 works—including stone, bronze, and lacquered wood sculptures; textiles, paintings, and ritual implements—from the fifth through the early twentieth century. The majority of works in the exhibition on loan from Myanmar have never been shown in the West."

"Buddhist Art of Myanmar is organized into three sections—Images of the Buddha, Lives of the Buddha, and Ritual and Devotion—which showcase the multiplicity of styles throughout the country, in part a reflection of the localization of religious practice. The objects bring into relief such issues as state support of Buddhism, the effects of trade and international relations, and the role of local myths and ethnicity, all of which have inextricably linked Buddhism and Myanmar for more than two thousand years.

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Photo Credit: Davis Thompson-Moss