Life of Cats: Selections from the Hiraki Ukiyo-e Collection

Location: Japan Society, New York 
Date: February 2015
Curator: Miwako Tezuka
Graphic Services Provided: Title Lock-ups, Didactic Panels, Labels, Graphic Walls


Graphic Design Work Description:

Seamless integration of the graphics was challenging as we wanted to use as many of the rich colors from the paintings as we could without creating a distraction from the work. There is also a number of decorative cartouche in the paintings that served as the model for the exhibit's section introductions.

In addition to this playful approach, we created a wallpaper pattern from the same pattern found on the scarves worn by the cats in most of the paintings. Silhouettes of scary cats were applied to transparent scrim walls in the Cats Versus People section.        

Exhibit Info