Gilded Splendor: Treasures of China's Liao Empire

Location:  Asia Society & Museum, New York 
Date: October 2006
Curators: Hsueh-man Shen, Adriana Proser
Services Provided: Exhibition Design, Fabrication drawings, Lighting Design


Excerpts from Asia Society Press Release:

“More than 200 stunning objects recently excavated from Inner Mongolia have been brought together in the landmark exhibition, Gilded Splendor: Treasures of China's Liao Empire (907-1125). The first major presentation of Liao artifacts outside of China, the exhibition reveals the complex cultural and religious legacy of the Liao dynasty, the most powerful in East Asia at the turn of the first millennium.

The recently excavated objects in Gilded Splendor shed new light on Liao-dynasty culture which, until recently, had generally been considered less sophisticated than the preceding Tang (618-907) and parallel Song (960-1279) dynasties. Archaeology in China over the last few decades has proven this characterization to be inaccurate as sites of Liao-period temples, tombs and city fortifications reveal spectacular objects that testify to a highly refined and culturally unique empire."

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