The Buddhist Heritage of Pakistan: Art of Gandhara

Location:  Asia Society & Museum, New York 
Date: August 2011
Curators: Adriana Proser
Services Provided: Exhibition Design, Fabrication Drawings, Lighting Design


Excerpt from Asia Society Press Release:

“The Buddhist Heritage of Pakistan: Art of Gandhara is the first exhibition to bring works of Gandharan art from Pakistan to the United States since Asia Society’s groundbreaking exhibition of Gandharan sculpture in 1960. The majority of works in the exhibition are on loan from the National Museum in Karachi and the Lahore Museum in Lahore. In addition to loans from Pakistan, comparative works, both eastern and western, that illuminate the Greco-Roman and Scytho-Parthian influences on Gandharan art are included from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Asia Society Museum, and private collections in the United States.”

The architecture of this exhibition is meant to rest quietly while the dimly lighted gallery is punctuated
by works made of stone and metal brightly spot lit form inside the column cases or the ceiling track.

Exhibit Info

Photo Credit: Davis Thompson-Moss